Friday, July 15, 2005

For Guests and First-Time Visitors

I saw this on another blog and thought: what a great idea! I simply must copy it!

Well, here's the thing about the marketplace of ideas: the best rule. So this post, backdated cleverly as it is, should work as a place to get familiar to the AFB if you're a newcomer. Sound good? Great, let's get started...

I'd first visit the link In The Beginning, which takes us back to when this blog was created and why.

Since this place is all about Balanced Government, you might be wondering what that is. Go over there next, check out the posts and the comments - the comments are often better than the posts, which are sometimes just conversation starters. Go ahead and add your own two cents if you want: I get e-mail notifications of comments, so we can all go back and re-start a good conversation or two.

And as always, you can contact any of the contributors here to encourage us or simply pick a fight. Hope you enjoy the blog...


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