Saturday, July 16, 2005

Some Necessary Comments

This blog was created by yours truly and the contributors you see here. It was always - and remains - an outlet for ideas, discussion and debate. It should go without saying that the comments of one author aren't necessarily shared by the other contributors to this space; and certainly that the comments of any one of the authors don't reflect the opinions of those organizations we're involved with, nor are they shared by our friends and family at large.

Nevertheless, and so as to eliminate any question (should one be raised in the future): the postings contained herein and any comments are the opinions solely of the writers individually, and in no way represent the opinions of affiliated organizations, companies, or persons not connected to the site. This includes but is not limited to our respective friends, families, Churches, employers, volunteer or membership organizations.

I've seen similar disclaimers on other blogs, and given some stories I have heard recently, I think that this is an appropriate time to add this to the blog.

As always, we welcome comments from you our readers, should anything be unclear. Thanks for sharing your time with us; we're honored that our readers use some of their valuable time to follow what's going on here. God bless you all.

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jim kelly said...

Apathy, Ignorance, and Tolerance

At first we know we have instruction through the very Constitution of the United States, and here in we are saved from ignorance.
Because of apathy, the American People, by and large are ignorant of the very document that gave birth to this Nation. The very document that is the lifeblood that has sustained us over 200 years.
Because of ignorance we have let our elected officials dictate laws that are surely to do harm to the future of America. The freedoms we now enjoy are being taken away.God help our children and their generation. WE by not knowing, because of apathy and ignorance, through tolerance we have let our guard down as a Nation of free people.Truely here, the sins of the fathers will wreak havoc on our children.
Ignorance of the laws of Government, Ignorance of the way Government works, from the White House, the Judiciary and the Congress down.
We have become ill informed of elected officials voting habits, ill informed of core issues of the day. Again, because of this apathy, our rights, freedoms, and your purse are constantly picked and robbed. Not all at once, but over time, until you are left in the wilderness of confusion, doubt and mis-trust of both your Government and fellow Americans.
We all have available to us the great facts of the constitution, and this is no small blessing. Myriads of our fellow Americans are unaware of even the first principles of the document. Scarcely knowing what our founding fathers intent was.
We have become tolerant of new laws passed that infringe our rights. Laws and bills so voluminous in nature that even our elected officials do not, and have not read through all the pages. Bills and laws so voluminous in nature that it is easily capable of inserting laws, by unscrupulous means that harm or abridge our rights.
By not reading, over time, and discussing these bills as Statesmen, congress signs away your Constitutional rights one by one.
“We the People” must ask ourselves two questions:
One: How can our representatives vote on and pass laws and bills they themselves have not fully read or discussed?
Two: How can “We the People” not speak out in mass berating our leaders from doing such a dirty deed?
They do it because there will be no backlash. This, my fellow Americans, is the way rights, freedoms, and tax dollars are squandered, pilferaged, and infringed on. Little by little until there are none left.
This is how, and this is why, there is a “New States Constitution” waiting in the wings. Abhorrent as that may sound, it is there and waiting to replace our very constitution.
This is how, and this is why a new Constitutional Convention is only two states away from convening to usher in this “new” constitution. 32 out of 34 have now called for this Convention.
We now say: We know, we know, we know, we should have spoken out. Too late the damage is done. Carnage to our very constitution has just taken place.
How do we now change this? “We the People” must not hesitate, or fear, or doubt, not for a moment. Our conviction must be firm. We have instruction, our Constitution. We have the words, the writings and the warnings of our Founding Fathers, and here we are saved from the ignorance that befalls the great majority. Congress must answer to the American People.
For “We the People” now say: We know the works of the Constitution. We know that as far as instruction is concerned, we are not left in the dark. We have weighed and studied these words for ourselves. We know not merely the facts, but the reason of those facts.
By uniting as one we can bring this nation back from the depths of despair. Re- lighting the torch of Liberty and becoming the Shepard's of the land, not sheep ready to be sheared..
Through truth we expose those who lied their way into office and power. Through law, they will be removed.
The law of the land will be certain, if our Constitution be saved.

Please take a moment and Join Patriot Freedom in this momentous time. Lets all unite and light that torch of liberty together.
Jim Kelly