Saturday, February 24, 2007

Survey Says: Irritated

I recently received a member survey from Mike Duncan at the RNC. Hurray!

Two questions into it I decided that my efforts to educate the people at the RNC were going to be in vain - as soon as my survey is received sans check, in the trash it would go. Now that I think of it, I'd bet they toss the ones that come back with checks, for that matter.

Question 1: Do I think it is important to make the President's tax cuts permanent? Answer: Are you kidding me? Taxes on personal income should be abolished, not reduced. Taxes should be based on consumption, as a wise man once noted, for they are a natural check against the growth of government.

Question 2: Is it important to provide incentives for businesses to create new jobs? Answer: What the deuce are you talking about? Businesses create jobs because they can deliver a product or service that people want. If they're able to do this, and they're not creating jobs, it's because government needs to get out of the way.

Question 3: Line-item veto important? Answer: Have these people any idea at all about the way government used to work? If a piece of legislation reaches the President's desk that is Constitutionally inconsistent, veto that piece of trash and send it back to Congress! Will some branch of government - any one would do! - please stand up and execute its Constitutional duties?

Several questions later...

Question 6: Important to reform our immigration laws? Answer: What's the minimum criteria for getting a job at the RNC, a pulse? How about we start with enforcing the immigration laws we have? Let's try that first, then we can talk about reforming them, whatever that means. This is like a patient in the ER who has been run over by a car, and the attending surgeon says: "Let's get that broken nose set before we go any further."

Question 7: Important to increase border security? Answer: No, let's just open the borders up and let anyone at all into the country. Wait. Sorry. We're already doing that! Should this be a big surprise, though? I mean, after all, Mel Martinez (General Chairman, whatever that means) probably had some input in the survey.

Didn't we used to be the party of ideas? Principles? Since when does the GOP need to take the temperature of regular people to determine what the right policies are? Answer: Since they lost touch with regular people, probably sometime after 1994.


JWales said...

Good answers A.H.

Geez, has the RNC lost it or what?

What a disaster. God help us.

Daniel Webster said...

AH, I'm with J., I like it man!! I like the catechis...mical approach a whole bunch. And I think that perhaps you oughta consider using it more often. Just a thought.

I have a question for ya...

Was there a question on there about "allowing" faith based organizations to do charitable work? ;)


The Monarchist said...

DW, man, LOL, I tore that thing up when I got to question 6 or 7, and they had probably 20 or so do you favor/do you not favor type questions. If I know the RNC, and I think I might, I'd be shocked if that wasn't one of their stupid questions. I know I've seen it in the past, that's for sure.

For the record, I am for "allowing" faith based organizations to do charitable work. Also, babies should be fed.


P.S. And unless he's claimed the mantle for the Democrats, I, like the jr. Senator from the State of Illinois, believe in hope! LOL.

The Monarchist said...

I just got another survey in the mail - this was the one inquiring if I supported "allowing" faith-based organizations to do charitable work. I chuckled before I ripped it to pieces.

Well, it's either laugh or cry, folks.