Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our National-Federal Structure

The phrase "our National-Federal structure" is one I've used countless times in discussions on our form of government at this blog and elsewhere across the internet, in private conversations and debates, and so forth and so on. And it occurs to me, having just watched a good You Tube video on the very subject (although I don't think anyone has ever mentioned it) that some might get the impression from the position of the words as I've always written and spoken them, that I consider the national aspect of our structure of government to be more important than the federal aspect of same. Let me assure you, if this is your impression, that nothing could be further from the truth. The only reason I express the phrase in this order with the word national preceding the word federal is because it simply sounds better than "Our Federal-National Structure." The most important thing to keep in mind, of course, is that our governmental structure is not one or the other, but both federal and national, and preferably in that order.

The You Tube video-lecture posted below is the fifth of a larger series of lectures on the constitution. I don't know whether the series is yet complete, and I don't know at this point how many lectures are contained in the existing series. You can investigate that for yourselves if that is your desire. This particular lecture, however, is custom made for posting at this site as you shall soon see. Our friend Mike Tams should take a particular liking to it methinks. Without further ado ...


Michael Tams said...

I did enjoy it, of course. Although, I wish we could abandon the modern phrase "federal government" and return to the more apt "general government." I think calling the government of Washington D.C. federal only confuses people.


Terry Morris said...

Mike, you're right. You know I've long said that referring to our central government as the "federal government" is wrong and completely misleading. General Government it is.

Michael Tams said...

Quite interesting that the fellow in the lecture himself refers to the Washington D.C. government as "federal."

We have a bit of work to do, not that I see any option. I can choose, however, to do my best to meet the work cheerfully, which is the idea.


P.S. Been gone a long time, haven't I? Will make my best effort at something regular...

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