Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of New London in the Kelo decision.

Such a wrong-headed decision invariably ignited citizens into action. Personally, this event triggered the collaborative activities of the three contributors to this blog, although we just recently got this space up and running.

Across the country, states exercised their rights by instituting their own restrictions on the taking of private property. Some, admittedly, were better than others.

I had mixed feelings about this day, but was mostly glad that things have happened as they have. DeTocqueville said that everything serves the Lord; even the willfully wicked serve him, albeit unknowingly. And then what should I hear on the ride home....?

President Bush, by Executive Order, sought to rectify the wrongs. The most important part is Section 1, Policy:

"It is the policy of the United States to protect the rights of Americans to their private property, including by limiting the taking of private property by the Federal Government to situations in which the taking is for public use, with just compensation, and for the purpose of benefiting the general public and not merely for the purpose of advancing the economic interest of private parties to be given ownership or use of the property taken."

Bravo, Mr. President, and thanks for the anniversary present.

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