Thursday, November 16, 2006

How Dare They!

You're going to love - LOVE - this tidbit. I know I did.

According to Reuters (motto: "America: Just another land-mass"), this is the latest "swipe" by a U.S. community at illegal immigrants. Swipe? Really?

I'm glad to hear that the measures passed included denying services to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants can get government-provided services, you ask? Yep, and it's about time that stopped. I don't like supporting criminals, and that goes for criminals that are behind bars or criminals who the government isn't currently prosecuting. In addition to supporting myself and my family, I'm also paying taxes to support people who can't support themselves (another post altogether), so forgive me if I balk at supporting people who have broken the law and have no business in this country. Also, call me a wild-eyed radical, but that in addition they put their flag above Old Glory or fly their flag alone bothers me.

If Mexico (or the Dominican Republic, or the Third Ring of Saturn or whatever) is so great, how about you take your flag-waving self back there?


Samuel Adams said...

To bebrief, I would ask Mr. Trasvina to which constitution he is referring.

Daniel Webster said...

Once again, there's nothing so absurd as this: that when something is repeated often enough, people begin to believe it.

J Wales said...

It's nice to see a small town taking a stand, but this immigration problem isnt going away. Most likely I would guess that in the not to distant future Congress will pass an immigration bill that will provide amnesty to some 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants. So I propose this:

In this legislation there should be an earmark or clause called the United States Cover Charge. A cover charge of $1000 shall be collected per immigrant applying for amnesty regardless of age, race, nationality or gender. This cover charge will be put into a special treasury fund for disbursement to current registered voters at the time of legislation.

Now let's say 30 million illegals sign up, thats $30 billion in revenue, divided by approximately 75 million (25% of 300 mil roughly)
that comes out to $40K per voter.

Of course the time frame and logistics would have to be tweeked.

Call it the JWales Pork for the People Act.

The Monarchist said...

J, you're cracking me up over here! I know you're better than that - your integrity is worth a h*ll of a lot more than a measley forty grand!


J Wales said...


I was hoping for a new truck!!

One of those crazy mood thoughts, I have them from time to time, I'm sure you've noticed. ALOL!!

Hey A.H. (new subject), why dont you do a Constitution Review of some sort, like maybe an amendment a week or something, or a 10 week Bill of Rights segment.

Just an idea anyway, not like those horse pitutes in Washington won't give you any material.

Daniel Webster said...

"I was hoping for a new truck!!"

Made by who, Tyco? You'd be lucky to get a muffler, J. I think you need to double-check your numbers again. Don't use Congress' methods, btw. ;)

J Wales said...

I dont know D., 40 grand will buy a pretty nice truck.

My calculator doesnt even go into the billions, so I was just shifting zero's around. Kinda like the government.

Daniel Webster said...

You don't need a calculator. Just do the math this way:

First, drop the millions. Just use the numbers 30, and 75 - it makes it much easier, trust me.

Second, instead of $1000., just use $1.

Now, 30 is less than 75 (30 < 75) right? Right. If each illegal contributed a dollar that would be $30. If you divide $30. by 75 folks with their hands out, what does each of the 75 registered voters get? If you come up with $40. each, I'm gonna jump thru' this screen and choke you! LOL