Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 and a Milestone

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Today, I'm especially thankful for my faith, my family and friends. God bless my Brothers here - my kindred spirits - and all our Readership. You folks are the "early adopters" in the renewal of the Republic, and may His divine protection always surround you for your selfless love of your fellow man.

And the milestone? Not planned this way, for sure, but this is the 100th post to the blog. Everyone have a glorious day, and I'll have more thoughts on this milestone later, most likely tomorrow.


Daniel Webster said...

"And the milestone? Not planned this way, for sure, but this is the 100th post to the blog."

Quite appropriate that this milestone should be reached this Thanksgiving Day, 2006. Quite appropriate as well that you, my friend, should be the one to mark it.

Thanksgiving blessings to all.

The Monarchist said...

OK, I've had a busy weekend, but I promised some thoughts on the milestone, didn't I?

I think that this has started off pretty well, overall. I'd like to gradually expand our readership, but I think that what we lack in readership from a numbers standpoint we certainly make up for from a quality perspective!

Another observation: who knew I had so much to say?? I'm glad to see the amount of comments and discussion on our ideas. Like any thing else, we're only going to refine these ideas over time, and through debate and discussion, develop them further.

As always, I welcome your comments, questions and thoughts, publicly on this space or privately, if you wish, by e-mail.


P.S. My commercial endeavors are shaping up to demand more of my time in the next couple of weeks. Thank God that a couple of opportunities have presented themselves, and the time to strike is now. In addition, our neighborhood is facing, well, let's call it a potentially Keloesque challenge. This too will likely place demands on my time. What information I can share, I will, when time permits. I say this only to explain in advance if I'm posting less frequently in the coming weeks.

P.P.S. But knowing me, I'll probably just sleep less, and blog the same.