Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Minor Changes

We're going to be instituting comment verification on this blog. You'll just need to type in whatever letters or characters that you're prompted to enter. That there is such a thing as comment spam just... floors me.

And am I alone in thinking that surely there must be a circle in hell for spammers? Is there a bigger waste of time, talent, or money?

Daniel Webster adds:

Sorry for the minor inconvenience this presents the posters, but we've experienced a problem lately which we figure called for nippin' in the bud. Additionally, and particularly for all you "anonymous" posters, you'll note the following information beneath your posts - "Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author." Simply stated, if you choose to post as "anonymous," you gotta get the content by me first, so it dang sure better be worthwhile as well as clean.


Daniel Webster said...

"And am I alone in thinking that surely there must be a circle in hell for spammers?"

I'll have to go check Samuel's "Were I Beelzebub" post again, but I don't recall spammers being in there. ;)


The Monarchist said...

It appears that the world isn't reformed yet so as to be populated with self-governing posters! So, you've got Webster manning the helm now, folks. You've been warned. ;)


Daniel Webster said...

Well, until technology catches up this is the way it appears we'll have to do it. My preference would be that any computer from whence garbage emanates would immediately begin the countdown to self-destruction mode:

"Your computer will self-destruct within ten minutes of posting garbage to the American Federalist Blog...have a nice life."

Call Me Mom said...

Lol, Welcome to the internet gentlemen. I had wondered at your fortitude in not having the comment moderation enabled.

Sebosmile said...

Does Marc count as spam?? ;)

I switched my as soon as they offered it months ago because I had been getting spam for ages...

And I think the question is what level they're in, not if they are in one. ;) ;)