Friday, January 05, 2007

Searching for the Right Term

Bowl season is almost come and gone. Bowl season, we hadly knew thee!

We're Irish fans in our house and I've been turning the loss over and over in my mind looking for the right words to express my sentiment. I suppose there's something to be said for better late than never? Well, here goes.

Henceforth, I will refer to the football team from South Bend as the "Possibly Mildly Objectin'" Irish.

At least Sooner Nation put up a fight.


Daniel Webster said...

The Irish have become one of my favorite teams over the last few years. I just think they have and display a lot of team character. I was sorry to see them lose.

But congratulations go out to all you folks from Kentucky - you know who you are. Your Cardinals played well, particularly in the final quarter of their game. And all the speculation is that next season they may well be competing for a spot at the big dance.

As for the Sooners, well, alls I can say is that they ran up against a team with a huge amount of heart...who weren't to be denied. Congrats go out to all the Boise State fans. Your Broncos iced the victory in a way that even won my admiration! It's nice to see such a display of heart as we viewers all witnessed in the final moments of the Fiesta Bowl.


JWales said...

The Boise State / Oklahoma game was the best game hands down, college football at it's best. Top three all-time watched game in my book, not a dull moment.

Best all time game really goes to the Packers spanking the Bears last Sunday!! LOL. The Bears better get it together A.H., it's showtime!

Sleeper pick: New England.

The Monarchist said...

I knew that wouldn't get past you, J! We need better QB play - 4 tunovers in the first half, 2 of which were returned for scores. Ugh. Please tell me you didn't get all weepy when Brett started sobbing at the end of the game.


JWales said...

I think if Brett's doctors say go, he's gonna play another year. He actually looked pretty decent this year considering the surrounding cast.

Bearwise, they have a QB problem. Jeckyl and Hyde. The AFC is looking pretty strong across the board, dont think the NFC will win the biggie.

Sebosmile said...

My 14 year old brother got some serious hate during lifting for football because he wore his Irish shirt for the OSU/Florida game... And then he laugh when everyone was crying the next day. ;) ;)