Sunday, March 18, 2007


I recently got the first season of 24 on dvd. I'm already over it.

No question, it's good, and I'm sure that subsequent seasons only get better. I have this theory that the first season of any show has bugs that get worked out, and that shows really hit their stride in seasons 2, 3, or 4.

Here's the problem with 24: it's basically an 18-hour movie when you watch it on dvd instead of once a week like most people would. I'd never decide to watch an 18-hour movie, and if you've watched the show, you know that there's a cliff-hanger every week.

Another gripe? It seems like there are 6 different writers for the show, and that they're playing that game we used to play when we were kids. You know, you're sitting around with a group of friends and you start to tell a story... we used to write it out on paper and cover up all but the last sentence. You pass it to your friend, who has your last sentence to start with and no idea what else you had in the story. For example:

"Ben shivered against the barn door. He had been running all night from the McGreevey boys, and was only now just catching his breath. The storm which had been threatening all afternoon was now in full effect. He was wet, cold, and exhausted. But most of all, he wanted to see his family again. He remembered those fine days that **(and this would be the last line, and all that would be showing)** he would spend by the lake, catching fish and skipping rocks."

Of course, this could go anywhere from here, and probably wouldn't have anything to do with what came before it. As far as writing goes, it's not very good. As far as comedy goes, it can be pretty funny. 24 feels like that when you watch it in 2 weeks on dvd.

(spoiler warning - first season information follows)

My last beef? The show stresses me out! How many times did his family get kidnapped, nearly escape, nearly get killed, nearly escape, nearly get killed, escape, get in an accident, get kidnapped, nearly get killed and so on? Look, I acknowledge there's an entertainment value to this sort of thing: I do like action movies. The difference is that a movie is usually 90 minutes and everything is wrapped up nicely at the end.

So long, Jack Bauer. Nice knowing ya.


Maggie said...

My brother, who is a freshman in college, recently did a 24 marathon in which all 18 hours of TV were watched. It ate his Saturday.

It's a dumb college thing to do, but I hope the executives at Fox aren't aiming their DVD sales solely at dumb college boys ;)

The Monarchist said...


Wow, that's... dedication. I can't say I've ever pulled a marathon like that, but I'm sort of antsy and would have a hard time sitting still for an extended period of time.

Nice blog, btw. I'm impressed you take your faith so seriously. A lot of Catholics can't even be troubled to show up for Mass or sing His praises when they're in His house.

I'm always surprised when I met a liberal Catholic (I work for one). Evangelum Vitae?, I usually inquire. (boy I hope I got the Latin right on that)

It's human nature to treat religion like a buffet; we're weak and that's the easy thing to do. But if you're Jean Francois Kerry or any Kennedy, and you can't get the life thing right, we've got some major communication problems.