Friday, March 23, 2007

House Passes Iraq Surrender Bill

At least that's how the headline should read. Instead, it's "Dems Challenge Bush."

I don't have a (working) crystal ball, so I can't tell you if my hunch - a defined timetable for pullout equals unmitigated disaster - is right. But I can comment on human nature.

Is this a pretty good day, or a pretty bad day, if you're a blood-thirsty terrorist who wants to see the United States humiliated and beaten? And what's your favorite American political party if you're the same terrorist?

It seems hard to imagine it being possible, but this vote will surely add more shame to the Democrat legacy of cowardice and defeatism.


Call Me Mom said...

I've been looking at the Sunni territory vs. Shiite territory maps and I'm thinking.
How about this as a solution: divide Iraq up between the differing groups permanently.

The Sunni triangle gets divided up between the Sunni countries bordering Iraq; The Shiite area goes to Iran(Yes, I know that gives them oil and access to the Persian gulf- I'm just thinking, not mandating.) In exchange those countries have to give up something too. Notably the Saudis and the Iranians agree that the Persian Gulf - all of it - and Bagdad will be considered international territory. Syria will get membership in the United Nations and their piece of territory from the Sunni triangle in exchange for giving up the territory in Syria that is primarily occupied by the Kurds. The Kurdish areas of Syria will be added to the Kurdish areas of the former Iraq to make a sovereign Kurdish country.

The Kurds, who are currently relatively stable, get to keep what's theirs and add some territory. What they are giving up is peace of mind which they didn't have anyway, being the logical first target of both groups- Maybe Jordan could be persuaded that what they give for their piece of territory is an agreement to help the Kurds against any imperialist notions by the other three.

The Iranians get oil and access to the Persian gulf as well as their holy sites in Iraq with their piece of Iraq but give up sovereignty over any part of the Persian Gulf. (Thinking of those 15 British navy folks.)

The Saudis, Jordanians, and Syrians get pieces of Iraq that Sunnis currently occupy. Syria gives up territory, but gains their sought after UN membership. The Saudis and the Iranians give up their territorial claims to the Persian gulf but retain access to it while gaining land.

It's just an idea. It probably wouldn't fly even though the Iraqis seem to prefer letting religious groups fight it out indefinitely rather than saying This is Iraq, I am an Iraqi and therefore I owe a duty to my country to turn these terrorists(or perhaps more accurately Iranian and Saudi imperialist troops in disguise)in to the proper authorities.

See what happens when I have too much time on my hands? What do you think?

The Monarchist said...


What do I think? Two things. First, not a bad idea at all. Second, they've got to work it out on their own, once the criminal element is removed from the equation. But I could see a democratic solution like that getting worked out eventually.

When you examine the history between the two sects, you've got to conclude that they can live in proximity to each other eventually, but probably never together as neighbors.


Call Me Mom said...

Oh good heavens, I have made a boo boo. I was thinking of Syria as wanting membership in the UN, when actually it's Turkey wanting membership in the EU. My apologies everyone. More thinking to do.

JWales said...

"once the criminal element is removed from the equation".

There's a major problem right there A.H., identifying the criminal element. Those who we may call criminals, they call freedom fighters and hero's.

"democratic solution". Isnt that the mob rules? The Shiites are the majority of the population, plus these folks have been living under Sharia Law for 1000 plus years, No? Would that not be a theocracy? I think their new "Constitution" is still based on Sharia Law.

These people hate us first(and Jews), then each other.

Also, you may want to look at the oil field maps and territories before you decide on dividing anything up, that's a big wrench.

Blessed are the peacemakers Mom, it's worth a try.