Friday, August 17, 2007

We Can't Miss You if You Don't Go Away

Could this story be nearing a conclusion? Is it possible that we could be done with this Rosa Parks wannabe?

So, the self-important law breaker Elvira Arellano has left the church she's been holed up in, and is on her way to D.C., according to this from the Chicago Tribune.

Now, some people have already commented that arresting her on the steps of the Capitol - or some other significant landmark - is just what she wants. Her mug all over the news, and footage for the left to play, and replay, and replay, you get the idea.

Candidly, I don't care. Arrest her in D.C., arrest her on the way back at a rest stop in Indiana, but for crying out loud, just arrest her. And see that she leaves. If only she were a small Cuban boy, we'd have had her a long time ago!


Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago. The front page of the Chicago Sun Times had a picture of Elvira with the caption "Catch Me If You Dare". This is ridiculous that this illegal alien continues to taunt and embarrass the government and they do nothing. I agree that she should be arrested, regardless of the media attention. She has had all sorts of people supporting her and her son. Let one of those people step up and take care of her son when she is deported or let her take her son back to Mexico with her.

Michael Tams said...

Amen to that, and thanks for the comment. Curious, isn't it, that while it appears that the People have the will/desire to have the laws of this country enforced, our "representatives" are more concerned with either losing potential voters or being attacked by the PC mafia as being "racist." Pathetic. And worse, that she's probably just one of 18 million or so.