Friday, November 16, 2007

Justice For Sale

This link will take you to a great piece in the Opinion Journal by Justice O'Connor. Someone who might otherwise be hard pressed to find common ground with Justice O'Connor found it quite readily in this comment:

Today, only a little more than one-third of Americans can name the three branches of government--much less explain the balance of power among them.

Indeed, the judiciary is a topic near and dear to my heart, as is a robust civics education - obviously one of the principles behind the creation of this blog. I like to think that I give credit where it is due, so kudos to Justice O'Connor. And thanks to my good friend Mark Misiorowski for the heads-up on the piece.


Terry Morris said...

Mike, I agree with you, we should always give credit where credit is due.

Justice O'Connor is, along with Justice Stevens (I think) one of the tandem "Supreme" duo who went about, a few years ago, propagating the doctrine that the U.S. Constitution should be subservient to international law in the Lawrence v. Texas case. So, as you might imagine, there is no love lost between me and Justice O'Connor.

However, I agree with her when she laments that most Americans do not understand the workings of their own government and the balance of power. Although I tend to think that she should concentrate her efforts on explaining the Constitutional principle that there are three and only three powers of government. That is, if she understands these concepts herself.


Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the comments. She's certainly one of my least favorites, so you can imagine my surprise. Even a blind squirrel, right?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link.....

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