Saturday, November 24, 2007

When You've Got Two Quarterbacks

My brother Pat reminded me of this conventional football wisdom. When a team says that it has two quarterbacks, it really doesn't have a quarterback: when you've got one, you know what I mean. Chicago has had lots of seasons where we've got two quarterbacks. Teams like Dallas, and (Lord forgive me) Green Bay have one quarterback.

It's a little like that with the GOP this year. We were discussing this article by Jonah Goldberg; it's likely to make Ron Paul people happy and Huckabee people unhappy. That is, if you're willing to discount the body of evidence that's out there that links Ron Paul to Truthers and Deniers. Golberg's point about ideology aside, I don't find Ron Paul to be a better alternative to Mike Huckabee. That Paul hasn't denounced his connections and/or support from some of the fringe groups that endorse him equates to a deafening silence.

But here's the point we came to: there's no stand-out candidate this year. One can - and we did - find fault with each of them. We're faced with the prospect of choosing the least damaging or least likely to offend the principles of conservatism. The point to take away from this is that the primaries are extremely important this year, and the consequences of who we choose are enormous.


Terry Morris said...

What ever happened to the wisdom of the founding fathers anyhow? Some Americans, perhaps most Americans, consider their wisdom to be obsolete, even dangerous. What's wrong with people?

To carry your football analogy forward, I think it was illustrated in fine style last Saturday that if you have a backup QB who has no playing time under his belt, you're in for a world of hurt once your starter gets injured. I'm speaking here, of course, of Oklahoma's loss to Texas Tech where our starting QB was put out of the game on the third play of the game.

Anyone who thinks OU would have lost that game with their starting QB, or an experienced backup, doesn't know much about football...


Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the comments. I can't answer your question definitively, but I'd guess the three most likely answers are one part lazy, one part ignorant, one part uninterested.

I'm going to see a football game today myself - and hopefully we have a (one) quarerback going forward.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link....

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