Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus Results

Huckabee and Obama; sounds like an actual ticket.

Just saw Obama's speech and it wasn't bad. Seemed impromptu and well-delivered. Of course, the substance left a LOT to be desired.

Huckabee... well, here's my problem with the guy. He's of the "compassionate conservative" cloth, which, translated, means he's not a conservative. Fantastically devoid of any logic, he's going to atone for the sins of slavery by pursuing open borders and granting entitlements to illegals. Of course, one has nothing to do with the other. Of course, such a policy might very well destroy the country. OF COURSE, there was the little matter of the War Between the States, which settled that debt.

Well, here's hoping that Huckabee's fawning support in the media finally gets through to voters that this is a bad guy. If liberals like him, he's bad for America. I'm concerned that things may have to get worse before they get better; I honestly hope that's not the case, as I thought things were bad enough as they are.


John Savage said...

Nice post. Yes, it's amazing how many liberals like Huckabee. Often explicitly for his open-borderism, too. People who are usually secularist purists are embracing a candidate who makes a big deal of his faith -- which ought to raise some red flags. Since Huckabee is "compassionate" (and we all know what that code word means), nothing else about him matters to them.

Michael Tams said...


Usually is an understatement. The US media is avowedly anti-Christian. David Limbaugh did an entire book on the subject, as have others.

As I mentioned over at my personal page, I think the unfortunate thing about Iowa is that it exposed either the bigotry or simplicity of voters in Iowa - and neither is very flattering.


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