Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Outstanding Reform Idea

I have to hand it to Lawrence Auster at VFR (and thank you, Terry, for pointing this post out).

I've griped and groused for a long time about our primary system. It's always bothered me how, for example, Judy Baar Topinka got the nomination for governor in Illinois when there were two conservatives running against her in the primary who were far superior and either one might have beat Blagojevich.

As serious I am about government reform, I cannot stress strongly enough: go read this post.


Rick Darby said...

Michael et al.,

Off topic, but …

Have the Toleranz Polizei started the round-up? No postings from you, Michael old boy, since Jan. 9, none from you, Terry old son, since Jan. 4, and Vanishing American is demonstrating her nom de blog. What's shaking?

Excuse me, someone's at the door.

Call Me Mom said...

Mike has been very busy with work and another project, Terry has been supporting his children's athletic efforts and I have no idea what's up with VA. I should be posting here myself, but my schedule became a lot more complicated last fall and I'm still not quite caught up enough to feel comfortable posting.

I know we appreciate your comments. I was also looking over your blog about a week ago which led me to a posting on the Gates of Vienna blog, so Thanks for the link there.

Call Me Mom said...

I did happen to notice that VA was getting some nasty personal shots from one of her posters and she finally got fed up enough to delete those comments. The next post had more nasty comments from the same poster as well as some rather odd comments from her usual crowd, so maybe she decided to just take a break from allowing comments for a while.

Michael Tams said...


Mom called it, just busy. I've been on the "leave early, get home late" program for a while now. Last night I got home from work around 10:00 and I'm on my way out the door right now.

The Tolerance Police, hmm. Just reminded me of a discussion I had yesterday with a friend about reasons why people shouldn't be restricted in firearm ownership. Sounds like that's happening already.

I'll have to write a little something on Ezra Levant, hopefully later.


Terry Morris said...

Same here, Rick, just busy; not a very good excuse, I admit, but it's the only one I have right now.

Let's see where this GOP discussion goes over at VFR. I might post something on it later.

Thanks for your concern.


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