Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pope Baptizes Muslim

The Easter Vigil - a beautiful service that I have been to at my Parish on more than one occasion - was newsworthy this evening with the news that the Pope baptized a "controversial" Muslim convert. Read the whole thing here.

Controversial, of course, because of his criticism of Islam. And now, as if he wasn't a marked man to begin with, he'll have the death threats coming from all directions. For this is the command of their prophet, that conversion is punishable by death. (H/T: Jihad Watch)

Now, if we could only get people to drop the PC references to what we're up against, we might make some progress.


Sunflower Desert said...

Happy Easter to all at the American Federalist Blog.

Call Me Mom said...

Thank you sunflower desert and a Joyous Resurrection Day to you as well.

Call Me Mom said...

Interesting article. It's always inspiring to see displays of individual courage.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Islam becomes the dominant religion in the USA? Our founding fathers (pbuh) stated that this is "one nation under god". They never said "this is one nation under Jehovah" but "god" which is an open statement and open to interpretation and they gave us this freedom to choose our "god". So it may be the case that in 10 years "we the people" choose Islam. But first we would need to get rid of the 2nd amendment or rather amendment it so that not everyone can have guns because if islam did become the more dominant force then all the racists out there would use their guns to stop Islam. Which would'nt be right, right? Only certain people should own guns, the government, the police, religious groups and the army. Not bubba and his redneck friends nor the religious right.


Michael Tams said...


You've got to be kidding me. If this is who I think it is, good one.

If not, dude, give me a freaking break. I'm not about to engage a person of your, um, intellect on matters you're clearly not even remotely versed in. This would be like my opinions on quadruple bypass surgery given that I've seen an episode of "ER." In a word, utterly worthless.

AND: attention, Federal Bureau of Investigations! Be on the lookout for this goofball.


P.S. Peace? Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link...

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