Sunday, March 30, 2008

SamSphere Chicago

This weekend my employer hosted a blogger conference in Chicago, which was by all accounts a big success (still going on right now). I am grateful that I got a chance to discuss my project with the attendees.

And I got to meet some cool people. Here's the links to their blogs:

MaineWebReport - Lance, it was good to meet you. I, too, have found people on the internet who are wrong; together let us set them right.

mtpolitics - Craig, God willing, one day I'll be moving out to your part of the country; the further away from Detroit the better.

Louisiana Conservative - Jeff, it was good talking with you (twice) and my apologies for the nanny-statism of Illinois that had you outdoors both times; while I'm sure it is nicer in LA, what we had Saturday isn't that bad for weather this time of year.

American Princess Blog - EMZ, see my comment above to Craig. A colleague of mine calls Mexico "the Michigan of the south" and while Illinois is no conservative paradise, you'll think you're in heaven if you decide to make the move.

IL GOP Network - my second chance to meet Mark Johnson, who has piqued my curiosity about blog talk radio and youtube channels (I'll be off to surf that later).

The Voice for Liberty in Wichita - nice meeting you, Bob, and talking philosophy, I always enjoy those discussions and appreciate you humoring me while I gabbed.

Oklahoma Political News Service - (and NLB) Chris, it was good to meet you and get your take on what's going on in Misery, er, Missouri. I've got to get you hooked up with my blog mate TM, who's an Okie.

I am both certain and worried that I'm forgetting a few people, but I haven't had coffee yet and the old brain is working slowly this morning. My apologies to those attendees I am blanking on right now, and thank you to all of them for attending. Thanks to my colleagues and friends who were there as well.


Sunflower Desert said...

Hi Michael,
Did you get the chance to meet my daughter, Tristen, who blogs at ?

:) Sounds like a wonderful conference.

Michael Tams said...

How sad, no I didn't! I was only there for half the day, so I didn't get a chance to meet as many people as I had hoped.

I hope she enjoyed the conference!


Craig said...

The pleasure was all mine, Michael. Look forward to prodding some folks to get busy!

And for Tristen's mom, I did get a couple chances to visit with her. She's a very bright young lady, and she did the state of Wyoming proud.

Michael Tams said...

I think I have to make a quick disclaimer before I get a bunch of (barely-coherent) hate mail from Wolverine fans. I'm not hating on Michigan without reason or provocation, and there were specific conversations that led to those comments, so there!


Call Me Mom said...

Sounds like it was a good conference Mike. I had read a few of those blogs before in passing. It was nice to have a reason to take another look.

Christopher Arps said...


Thanks for the link. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you also. Let's definitely stay in touch!

Chris Arps

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link....

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