Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Minnesota's missing

The Minnesota legislature has declared Mr. Franken to be the winner. The Wall Street Journal
documents a severely mismanaged recount. Both of these miss the real issue.

A man of character wouldn't accept the seat under such conditions. A man of character would refuse to accept the seat until the ballots were counted in a way that accords with his own principles of honesty and high moral standards.

Character counts and Mr. Franken is clearly not a man of character if he is willing to accept the seat under such a cloud.


JARNCO5 said...

I agree and this logic applies to Ronald Burris being appointed as a Senator as well. Blagojevich's Senate Pick Of Roland Burris Should Be Barred

Call Me Mom said...

WElcome to the AFB JARNCO5. You are correct.

What has happened to our country that no one is pointing out these glaringly obvious character flaws?

If We the People don't get off our collective rear ends and start actively looking for people of good character to serve in these positions, we shall deserve what we get. Have you seen the Primary Challenge web-site? It's here: http://primarychallenge.org/

Ron Russell said...

I'm afraid character, is not a quality shared by many politicians--thats simply the truth. Of coarse, Franken would be at the top of that list. There are few men of true character in public office in this country. Those who do stand their ground are ridiculed and vitually tared and feathered by the media (George Bush)---Americans don't really want men of character, but rather politicians that will promise the moon and cast convictions aside to fall in line with whatever the current polls call for----sad, but true. This is the true state of the nation.

Call Me Mom said...

Welcome to the blog , my apologies for any delay in answering your post.

you said:"Americans don't really want men of character...This is the true state of the nation.

I respectfully disagree. I am an American and I want men (okay and women) of good character in positions of leadership and I am willing to do the research to find those candidates.
I'll grant you a degree of laziness and ignorance that has allowed the MSM to choose our candidates, but I will not concede the character of the American people. I refuse to believe that we are so lost to common sense and Biblical values as to toss up my hands in despair.

I will continue to demand good character in political candidates.

" We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection."~Samuel Adams

Ron Russell said...

Men of character are in short supply in congress and in the world. The Washingtons and Jeffersons are long gone. We live in a world where character and values have been discarded in favor of the fast buck, fame, and power. Coleman probably is a better choice than Frankenstein, but both are creations of the times we live in. The villagers will have to get out the pitch-forks to rid our government of these weasels, as Glen Beck would say.

Call Me Mom said...

If such men are in short supply, then we must diligently seek them. Otherwise the pitchforks will serve us only to make room for a new crop of weasels.

Ron Russell said...

It seems as though things are continuing on their downward spiral. The current budget bill is thousands of pages thick no elected official wrote it, no elected official will read it before voting on it, what in gods name is going on in Washington. Who is pulling the strings on all these puppets. You ask a question and all you get is double-talk. All the politicians can do is to, "complicate the obvious and trivialize the momentous". A sad, sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Call Me Mom said...

Double talk indeed. If you have a look at my post on the conference call with Mr. McMorris, you will see that the double talk continues.

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