Thursday, August 03, 2006

An Extraordinarily Bad Idea

Can't get people interested in the political process because it's driven by big moneyed interests, and you want to find a way? Apparently the people of Arizona have engaged a consultant: Harrah's. Or maybe it's Trump Atlantic City.

So, the "voter lottery" would give one citizen a cool million just for voting.

Now, let's look at this in it's most basic terms. Voting is both a right and responsibility. As citizens, we choose our governors: this is a right of citizenship. The corresponding responsibility is to choose wise and virtuous leaders; to make educated voting decisions: this is our responsibility.

The proposal set for a vote this November trivializes this remarkably important aspect of civic duty to a virtual game of chance. I'm not surprised, however. There is an overwhelming sense of entitlement (just check out the comments of Mark Osterloh in the article, if you don't believe me), and a great book on the topic is Something For Nothing by Brian Tracy. Better yet, read that.

May an epidemic outbreak of common sense strike the people of Arizona and may they roundly reject such folly come November 7.


Mr. Light Bulb said...

Mr. Monarchist, yes this voting lottery is a terrible idea. We Americans, especially after seeing the Iraqi turn-out, should feel blessed to be able to vote. The reward is action itself.

But, you know, it's Arizona. Those people elected McCain. 'Nuf said.

The Monarchist said...

Mr. LB,

McCain's my favorite tyrant! His work in assaulting the first amendment is right up there with the Left.

Hamilton or Madison once said that enemies of the Constitution thought people incapable of self-government so much that they ought to be fitted with chains for their own good. If we can't be trusted to use care in choosing our governors, well, maybe the anti-federalists were right.


Anonymous said...

Why in all the Names of the Almighty does anyone want 100% voter turnout??!?!?

"Good God, man!" -- George Washington

Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...
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