Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Team Update

Well, Dear Reader, I got in touch with D. Webster this evening, and if you've missed him even half as much as I have, you'll be thrilled to hear that everyone is doing well, he's busier than a 1-armed wallpaper hanger, and they're finally getting a break from the heat in Oklahoma. It's been nice for the last week here in Illinois too, nothing higher than the mid 80s.

Poor Webster and his crew were working out in that 100 degree heat - mind your fluids, boys. Congrats are in order too, as he's been working on a really big job. And whereas some guys might not price 'em right, I know my pal Webster won't miss a thing.

Looking forward to having you back soon, DW. Until then, make hay while the sun shines.

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Call Me Mom said...

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Current events are certainly making the references a lot more meaningful.
So far, it's a much better "translator" of Islamic culture for me than anything else I have seen or read. It seems to be a fairly unbiased, (which is a huge relief),straightforward presentation of fact.