Thursday, September 14, 2006

Impeach Armitage!

A sentiment like this is probably a little absurd to you, Dear Reader, but given the Left's absolute obsession with Valerie Plame and Cheney/Bush/Libby, you'd think the cry would have gone up by now, don't you? I mean, every liberal writer and talking head was certain that the Vice President's office was the source of the leak from Arianna Huffandpout to MessNBC (as Laura Ingraham likes to call the nutwork. Excuse me! Network.)

The Left and the MSM had to be serious about their outrage over the revelation of a CIA agent's identity, right? Didn't they want Cheney to resign or be brought up on charges of treason, or something? Always the principled watchdog, they couldn't have been motivated by partisanship and a hatred of President Bush, could they? Maybe they just haven't heard that the leaker was Armitage, right? (Wait, you're thinking, don't they run the news?)


Was all of that outrage just a partisan charade designed to whip up sentiment against Bush and his Administration?

(Jeopardy music)

Well, folks, I for one am shocked at this revelation. I'm going to start thinking twice about what the MSM says on any given topic. You know, take it with a grain of salt.

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