Thursday, September 14, 2006

The War in Iraq is a Fraud

Very good. Now that I have your attention, kind reader, I'd like to start over...

The War In Iraq is a Colossal Fraud

What are we up to now, twenty-seven thousand dead Americans? Ah, yes, my mistake, hundred, whatever. It's all a scam, anyway. And for what? Secuuuuurrrrityyyyy?? Demmmmocccccracccccyyyyyy???

Please. If I wanted the former, I'd marry rich; and if I wanted the latter, well, I'd go to New Orleans.

Okay, okay, okay. I can tell that you, patient reader, are as mad as the thirteenth cop on Single-Box-of-Donuts Day. Yes, I am getting to my point, and no, I will not take back anything I just said.

I do not wish to deluge you with links to various and sundry source material and citations at this time; life is just too short, and the timer on this republic is probably even shorter. By now, the reader has likely heard or begun to hear about a pair of border patrol agents who have been convicted of heinous acts of unspeakable evil. Fortunately for their victim, all they managed to inflict upon his person is a bullet wound in the buttocks. Believe you me, those two nasty Americans got their cumuppance. Behold...

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Two United States Border Patrol agents have been convicted of "assault with serious bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, and discharge of a firearm in relation to a CRIME OF VIOLENCE", just to name a few, and are facing twenty years in prison. This five-star treatment is the reward they get for pursuing and attempting to apprehend an armed Mexican drug smuggler. This conviction brought to you by the good people at the U.S. Department of ... aww, hell, the Federal Fill-in-the-damn-blank.

It is precisely crap like this that leads me to arrive at the conclusions that brought us together today. As you can see, your patience has been rewarded, and with what? An angry dose of reality that might cause you to wonder for yourself just what the hell good we are doing for the republic by fighting a war against Isalmic terrorism, fascism, what have you, seven thousand miles away, when there is something more than a mere ineptitude of border security administration here at home--something that smells more like malicious intent at the level of the Federal government?

And then there's the air marshal debachle...

Disclaimer: I do believe that it is right and well that American boots and American blood is on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan (and, hopefully soon, Iran) for the purposes of bringing justice to the evil and mercy to the seekers of freedom. But, as aforementioned, good reader, for the love of pete...!

Samuel Adams


The Monarchist said...


Sort of a "physician, heal thyself" thing we've got going on, don't we?


jwales said...

Did we catch a glimpse of the light Sam? Are we realizing the fiasco on the border while Washington looks the other way? Have we understood the administration wants open borders not closed/secured? Check out the super highway soon to be built from southern mexico to canada at:

What kind of security do you think they'll have down in mehico when customs is in Kansas City?

This is reality. Check it out.


jwales said...

correct that url, it's:

Anonymous said...

Seems to me it's already built, aye, amigo?

Samuel Adams said...

No, Mr. Jwales, I have not just now caught a glimpse of the light, and I am not suddenly under any kind of realization. On the contrary, I find your condescension rather repugnant. For your to insinuate that or any of us have been shills for the Republican party to this point is blind and idiotic at best and blind and idiotic at worst. The administration's position has been clear since the beginning, but it is just as patently absurd that the President would condone this injustice as it is that he orchestrated 9/11 or NOLA. Please rephrase.

To answer anonymous's question: no, it is not yet built, not as far as Kansas City at any rate. The marketing for it is still making it rounds.

J Wales said...

Mr. Adams,

I apologize for coming across as condescending, it was actually more of a sarcastic jest, but I realize you dont know me so it easily could have been misunderstood. Maybe I've misunderstood you but I dont recall accusing the administration for orchestrating 9-11.

Anyway, my apology sir.

Daniel Webster said...

LOL...reminds me of an old joke:

Q. Do you use sarcasm often?

A. Only when I'm being sarcastic.

I assure you, Mr. Wales - or J, if I may - that's not what he's accusing you of. He's just making a point, and I'll leave it to him to explain it in a way that only he can.

Anyway, how ya been, brother?

-Daniel Webster

Samuel Adams said...

Of course you misunderstood me, jwales. I inferred that you would be absurd to insinuate that the President would condone the injustice exposed by the links given in my post. While it could be my feeble human eyes, there is not a hint of sarcasm to be found in your earlier comment. Nevertheless, your apology is sincerely accepted.