Tuesday, September 25, 2007

That's a Message?

Do we employ men, any longer, in the diplomatic service of the government?

A'jad was at the United Abominations and the U.S. delegation walked out, to "send a message." Well, sort of. One guy stayed behind to take notes. If only I were making this stuff up.

Here's a message: as soon as this guy lands on our soil he's picked up and put into the general population of a really nasty hell-hole, like, I don't know, Cook County Jail. Then you hold him for 48 hours and see what happens.

Honestly: if any regular American (let alone President Bush) were found on Iranian soil, how long before that person is locked up, tortured, and/or murdered? Minutes? Hours?


DR said...

Great post, don't we have an FBI man and a couple of citizens currently missing in Iran?

Terry Morris said...

The nut shouldn't be allowed within a few thousand miles of American soil at any time, and that's the bottom line here. But it's interesting that you raise the issue of arresting him and putting him in an American jail or prison, among the general population.

As I've mentioned recently over at Webster's, I've been reading Paul Sperry's book, Infiltration. One of the things that Sperry brings out in the book is the reality that America's prison system is one of the most fertile of soils for the growth of Islam in this country. Islamism is growing so fast within that system, as a matter of fact, that the Muslim "chaplain corps" who "minister" to the Muslim prison population is, according to Sperry, very short handed. But never to fear, the U.S. government is working feverishly to correct for this disparity.

A'jad would likely find himself in the midst of friendly company in an American prison or jail, it seems. But if you want to send him to one of our county jails in rural America, well, I'd say that would probably be more desirable.


Michael Tams said...

DR, I think you're right.

TM, same goes for you. Maybe someplace deeper south from you, while we're at it.


Terry Morris said...

"Maybe someplace deeper south from you, while we're at it."

There ya go. ;)