Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two New Blogs

Have made the list... The Maritime Sentry and the Age of Treason. Both very good blogs, go check them out. DR at the Maritime Sentry is practically me, except for the fact that I'd never voluntarily live in Green Bay. If imprisoned there, I would break out. If accidentally killed there, and buried, I'd make a point of haunting my surviving relatives until they returned me to the Land of Lincoln. Or I'd have Papa Bear pay them a visit, and maybe bring Sweetness along for good measure.

Tanstaafl at the Age of Treason has a cool blog. You might find it a little edgy if you're a sensitive type, but I dig it.

BTW, suggested spellings for "Tanstaafl" included "tasteful."


Tanstaafl said...

Thanks Michael. Edgy. Yes. The world is a frightening place.

D.Roman said...


Thank you, I think. Don't you live by Chicago? I tend to drive as fast as possible when traveling through that part of the country:-)

It also seems like I am always reading that the land of Lincoln is a monarchy and you obtain your political positions by being related to the person who held it before you;-)

By the way, I checked; supposedly I have no unaccounted for sibblings, but I am still a little suspicious. Go Packers!

Michael Tams said...

It's a magical land, where nepotism rules and even the deceased can still vote. Not many places can make that claim!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link.....

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