Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Accepting the Truth

There's something to be said for an occasional slice of humble pie.

I've said time and again how much I dislike Michael Medved. From his position on third parties (they're bad!) to his constant shilling for the GOP, he's one of the most consistently frustrating pundits I regularly listen to (and have called on a couple of occasions).

But, you've got to give credit where it's due. Medved's recent column is great; it's a topic I find fascinating. It's worth a read, and worth remembering that even sometimes people we aren't wild about can surprise us with wonderful insight.


Tanstaafl said...

Much of what Medved says is true, but in light of the history of international banking this video it sure seems superficial. He focuses on symptoms and reactions for instance, like the Great Depression and the ill-advised New Deal, rather than sources and causes such as the Fed and the long-lived greed and lust for power of the people FDR called "money changers". They predated the Fed and effectively won control of our country when they took control of its money. In fact I think Medved absolves these shady people of blame far too easily when he says:

In other words, he perceived at the very beginning of the New Deal its most damaging aspect: treating the nation’s capitalists as an enemy --“the unscrupulous money changers” FDR called them in his inaugural, who “have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization.” With new, unpredictable government regulatory schemes and law suits and political attacks emerging every week, business leaders found it difficult to prepare the long term planning that alone could restore investment and entrepreneurial energy and put Americans back to work.

Capitalists were not the problem, and that isn't who FDR was attacking. For unpredictable non-government regulatory schemes we have to go beyond Medved's somewhat blind explanations and consider the private for-profit corporation, unaccountable to Congress, that has been controlling our money since 1913. Could they possibly have had any role in our various bubbles and crashes? Is it true that the Fed has never been audited? Hmmmm.

That video linked above is long, but it seems to me that's because it goes a long way toward explaining the why behind the what for the last several hundred years of European and American history.

Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the comments. I'm going to check out the video, probably tonight - thanks for the link. I'm not a Federal Reserve expert, but I'll take a look at the video and brush up on it.


Michael Tams said...


This link in the original comments is over three hours long, and when, after the first 15 minutes, there was no clear indication of where it was going, I bailed on it.

I work in a bank, and have some understanding of the banking system. The Fed is owned (but not run) by its member banks - commercial banks that in turn are owned by their shareholders. The inevitable point, I think, of this video is that the world monetary system is controlled by Zionists.

I think you can find conspiracies anywhere you want, if you look hard enough. Without sharing personal information, my personal experience has been sufficient to inform me that this is exactly what we're talking about here: a conspiracy theory.

That said, if you've got the time to watch it, I encourage people to make their own conclusions. And I thank Tanstaafl again for the link. It's a free market of ideas, and every thinking person can decide for himself/herself how compelling the idea is.


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