Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Swiss Example; When Will We Awake?

I generally choose my words carefully and prefer not to come off as bossing around the readership, however you simply must go read this outstanding piece by Takuan Seiyo.

It appears that the Swiss, to a degree, are rejecting the lies of multiculturalism and embracing the facts. I can't imagine Americans doing this - at least not yet. We seem to require some offense before we unite and cast aside the default PC-imposed behavior we've become accustomed to. My hope, rather, is that as more people and organizations are committed to the truth, and as truth begins to see the light of day, that we'll wake up without what seems like the necessary tragedy.


Call Me Mom said...

Nice find Mr. Tams.

Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the comment, pretty interesting I thought.


Dr.D said...

It is sad to see the Swiss, long known for their wisdom, common sense, and industry, now succumbing to the foolishness of multiculturalism and general Leftism. If they are going down, there is little hope for the rest of Western Europe.

Michael Tams said...

Dr. D,

Thanks for the comments. I think the Swiss might be trying to reassert some sanity before the whole thing gets destroyed. You can generally tell if you're on the right track based upon the hatred and name-calling from the lefties.

Thanks for stopping by.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Call Me Mom expressed it well. In the 1990's, you could and did go on trails in Switzerland alone without even thinking about crime. Some parts of Zurich you might think about, but not for major crime as now. This is how fast its changed. The Swiss remember that.

Anonymous said...

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