Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Islam is a Religion of Peace"

This statement is in quotes for a reason. It is an example of taqiyya, the Muslim practice of deception. There exists in Muslim teaching the concept of "mental reservation" which is condoned by the Quran and the Sunnah (the narratives of the life of Muhammed).

I've been reading Jihad Watch, and strongly recommend reading this section, Islam 101. Some very enlightening analysis. I was unaware of taqiyya, for example, and learned also about the principle of abrogation (damning as it is to that faith) and the hadiths (narratives) that comprise the Sunnah.

Here's one of the best lines: "The entire Islamic moral universe devolves solely from the life and teaching of Muhammed." That says a lot about the faith, and I encourage everyone here to take a look at that link. It might take an hour or so to read it, but it will be the best hour you'll have this week, and you'll never be the same after doing so.


Tanstaafl said...

Correct. Once you know these things you see Islam in a whole new and unflattering light. Then you start to wonder why you had to find it for yourself on the internet. Then you wonder why 20/20, 60 Minutes, or the dozen other "investigative news" shows on TV aren't getting the word out. Daniel Pearl could have taught them. Steve Centanni still can. Then you wonder who is suppressing this information, because the reporters themselves are too smart, too well-traveled, to not know. Then you realize how, because of our deeply distorted public opinion of Islam, we let Muslims flood into the West and walk amongst us.

Then you realize just how compromised our civilization is.

Sorry the news isn't better Michael! If this were a movie we could take the red pill and go back to dreamland - but we don't have that choice.

Maggie said...

Scary stuff! Of course, Christian theology has also produced the concept of mental reservation. St. Hilary, St Augustine, and St. John Chrysostom, among other doctors, treated the subject, and treated it very well. Although I guess with the Muslims it's limited to religious dissembling?

Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the comments. Compromised, indeed. Yet, if push comes to shove, and I think that it may in Europe before here in the United States, we'll see genuine civil wars. I don't think that Muslims will cease their expansionist agenda voluntarily.


Michael Tams said...


Thanks for your comments and thanks for the link. The difference, however, is remarkable. If you exist in dar al-harb, you can be lied to justifiably about anything by a Muslim. Such comments like the title of this post are parroted without common understanding of abrogation outside of dar al-Islam; and they have no obligation for educating us - that's our responsibility and failing.


John Savage said...

Mike, great link. I just thought I would make your readers aware of this, since it's on the same subject. It's a follow-up to something discussed at VFR a couple of weeks ago.

Michael Tams said...


Great link, thanks for sharing.


Call Me Mom said...


Islamists don't even have to indulge in taqiyya to say Islam is a religion of peace, because, as we discussed on an earlier post, they have changed the definition of peace. Peace, in their dictionary is not the absence of conflict, it is submission to allah.

Also thanks for the link John.

Michael Tams said...


Great point. We can have peace anytime, as the saying goes, we just need to surrender.

Shame on the majority of the West for choosing to be blind in these matters.


Mr Miyagi said...

It's a shame when non muslims read a book and think they're an authority. Read the Quran yourself and the Sunnah yourself. I think Christianity is backwards when half of the belief is not even based on Jesus' teachings but Pauls. Jesus said specific things the church refuses to follow. The Christians post Jesus were not like the Christians today. They had a real sense of what Jesus' message was. Today it's a bunch of feel gooders. How many times do you pass homeless people on the street? How often do you donate your time to food banks and charity? How often do you build relationships with other faiths so you can actually understand what they believe from them instead of an author who has their own biased views? Probably never but then again I can't assume because that is what you're doing, assuming with no first hand knowledge. As a black american that grew up Christian, i have issues with my fellow country men who think the Quran teaches suicide bombing. Suicide is as much a sin in islam as it is in any other religion and if you read the quran and the sunnah, you will also notice that the greater jihad is the one against yourself and your own ego and desires.
When I studied psychology in College, and just knowing myself, I learned that people run on instinct and self preservation. Your belief will not let you see past other people's belief, instead we analyze the world through our lenses. That's called discrimination.