Sunday, October 08, 2006

Conquest of America, Part II, The Anniversary of Katrina

Welcome back, good reader, to a second installment of a series we American Federalists are running called "Conquest of America." The last time we talked on the matter, we discussed who might be the enemy that conquers America. In short, we came to the conclusion that the conquerer is within. Tonight, I'd like for us to discuss in a little more detail the manner in which the conquest takes place.

Just as the absence of a person's right is the inevitable consequence of the absence of his responsibility, the most effective way to usurp the liberty of a free people is to remove the people's motivation to govern themselves. What will this look like when it is accomplished? It is the entitlement mentality, and it is already hear. It is plainly seen in the history of those who fled Louisiana for Houston and in the sad behavior of many of the people who died in New Orleans.

By-and-large, the survivors of Katrina fled without the need to be alerted again because they were well-prepared to handle adversity; either to return and build anew or to start fresh elsewhere, confident in their own abilities to provide for themselves and their families or willing to reach out for help and committed to earning the real kindnesses of their fellow American freeman.

Others (and you'll have to pardon my French-Canadian for a moment) bitched and moaned until government rolled over to expose its teat yet again, and took advantage of your forced generosity to pay for lap dances and cheap booze in cities from Houston to Dallas to Kansas City to Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, and every where in between. They have made their marks in the telescoping crime rates and the 100+ increase in murders in cities like Houston. Has the socialism of NOLA prepared them to wreak havoc on their generous American neighbors?

Still others--and this is the saddest and truest legacy of a conquered people--stayed behind to tough it out because they just could not see how they could get by without their regular delivery of welfare...come Hell or high water.

When it comes time to remember Katrina again, remember who was least "prepared."


The Monarchist said...


An inquiring mind - Lord knows that there aren't enough out there - might ask: what character deficiency leads to dependency? What defining characteristic is missing in those who are not self-governing?


Daniel Webster said...

Careful there, Hamilton, for you might elicit the righteous wrath of the "truly compassionate" patrolling the spacial waters of the blogosphere in presuming a linkage between character deficiency and dependency....amongst consenting adults, of course, "whose unfortunate circumstances you don't share."

I can only think of one good reason you don't share in their circumstances (which involves at least a couple presumptions on my part) -- privelege.

Hey!, someone's gotta rock the boat around here. ;)

Call Me Mom said...

Another reason to be thankful for winter.