Sunday, October 22, 2006

Obama '08

So it appears that the Senator from the once-proud state of Illinois (a/k/a the Land of Lenin, f/k/a the Land of Lincoln) is mulling a run for the Presidency in 2008. He was on "Meet the Press" today and you can read the story here.

My first thought on the matter was: I must debate this Osama character.

From the distinguished Senator's website:

"He believes firmly that health care should be a right for everyone, not a privilege for the few."

"Senator Obama is committed to providing every American with the opportunity to receive a quality education, from pre-kindergarten to college or vocational school to job retraining programs." (he's providing?)

And, especially,

"Senator Obama played a key role in the crafting of the immigration reform bill that the Senate passed in May 2006. The bill, which President Bush supports, would provide more funds and technology for border security and prevent employers from skirting our laws by hiring illegal immigrants. The bill also would provide immigrants who are now contributing and responsible members of society an opportunity to remain in the country and earn citizenship."

Of course, he's an intelligent man, for everyone will tell you so. Yet, I fear that a side effect of his smarts is that he's convinced himself of so much that isn't true.

I hold out hope that the Senator weighs his chances and decides against it. But if he decides to run, I challenge him, here and now, to a debate on the issues above or any of his choosing. I am sublimely confident that inexperience notwithstanding, I'd give him a debate he wouldn't soon forget.

THE MONARCHIST ADDS: As of this weekend (11/5/06), the man with nothing on him finally admits some remorse over his dealings with IL power broker and confidence man Tony Rezko. As Borat would say: Niiice.


Daniel Webster said...

"Yet, I fear that a side effect of his smarts is that he's convinced himself of so much that isn't true."

An educated fool?

Yes; he probably does have an ego the size of the Continental United States, but I bet he's had plentya folks inject huge doses steroids into that ego along the way. And you know what happens to those who use steroids.

What exactly makes him think he's qualified to serve as Chief Executive Officer of anything, much less the United States?

What makes anyone else think so?

The Monarchist said...

Good question. I imagine he's gotten some behind the scenes encouragement from Demo leadership. Also, I think that he's probably assessed himself and considered that he sees in himself certain characteristics he deems essential for leadership.

But that's just a guess.


Daniel Webster said...

Then he needs to run for Governor of Illinois. If he wins, and does an exceptional job there, so much so that he gains national prominence for his governing abilities, then he might think about making a run at the Presidency - the next step up in Executive leadership.

Or, he could be like Clinton - drive his State's economy into the ground, gain national prominence as a philanderer, and so forth, then make a successful run at the Presidency. ;)

In either case, it seems like he needs a little executive experience to me. But I'm kinda funny that way.

The Monarchist said...

Funny like a clown? Sorry - Goodfellas reference. No, D, there's nothing funny about that idea, that's the way it should be.


JWales said...

dadgum! I thought he was from Alabama!

Samuel Adams said...

Listening to the Rush Limbaugh program lately, Jay Dubya?

JWales said...

Can't say that I have been, don't much listen to the talking heads. Why do you ask Sam (or Ed?)?

The Monarchist said...


I understand you're an Outlaw and all, but I'll ask you to mind your P's and Q's in this forum, and no flirting with the curtain. Can't speak for the others, but we've got that curtain up for a reason. Thanks, Josie. ;)


JWales said...

didn't mean to overstep the boundaries.

Sam, I was just messin witcha, my apologies, I'll let it go.

J Dub

JWales said...

Hey! That's Josey with a "y", if you dont mind.

The Monarchist said...


No problem, and duly noted on the "y" - I was probably half asleep and should've caught that!


Sebosmile said...

Osama Obama! Lol!!! (Thank you Ted Kennedy!)

GOtta love how Rush got total "credit" for that name when all he did was replay Mr. "I would never water board anyone because that's just cruel"'s comments! ;)