Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday

I'm a little early, but in case I don't get a chance tomorrow...

Thanks to all who have chimed in, stopped by, and made my world a little more rewarding in the past year. Tomorrow, 4/26/07, marks the first "year in business" for the American Federalist Blog.

Like any worthwhile endeavor (so I tell myself), it takes a lot of hard work to make it successful. Thanks to everyone who has shared their time and talents in this space. Thank you for your friendship. I do appreciate it, thank you all.

Here's to the second year! May we all continue to grow and in little ways, every day, make the world a brighter place.

I remain your faithful servant,
A. Hamilton, aka The Monarchist

P.S. I'm nearly halfway through State of Emergency and will have some insights on that in the coming week, time permitting.


Call Me Mom said...

Happy Birthday American Federalist Blog! I have appreciated the discussions.

michael hargis said...

Well done, boyos. Happy Birthday!

Sebosmile said...

Happy very belated birthday!

...but I'm bad at dates, you'll have to forgive me, lol. (I completely didn't notice that my blog was two years old until this made me go back and look... I'm sure Natural Blue feels even more abandoned then ever now. :P)

The Monarchist said...

Well a happy belated one to "Natural Blue" as well! ;)