Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Worth a Look

I was recently turned on to a rather interesting organization here in Illinois called The Sam Adams Alliance; check them out here.

This appears to be a grassroots organization designed at connecting local leaders who are interested in accountable government, among other things (imagine that, you're thinking).

I'll find out what I can and will be happy to share this with you, if it interests you, "off-blog" if you will. E-mail me through the link under my profile if a review of the site tickles your fancy. I'm not sure if they've got chapters or satellites going outside the Chicago area, but I'll be happy to find out and let you know.


Call Me Mom said...

It is indeed interesting. More interesting than Mr. Gingrich's American Solutions site has so far proven to be.

I particularly like the article on crazy parents.

Call Me Mom said...

Maybe this:
is why we are being subjected to a 2 year long presidential race - So Mrs. Clinton could avoid prosecution.

The Monarchist said...


Great article. If Sandy Berger is any indication, Hill and Bill will walk.

But man, would I love to see them pay just once for all of the wrongs they have been involved in!


P.S. Five years would keep her out of the '12 race as well. ;)

Call Me Mom said...

Wouldn't a felony conviction put her out of the running for POTUS permanently?

The Monarchist said...


Hmm, I hadn't thought of that, I'll have to see if there's a statutory mechanism for felonies excluding a candidate. I must confess ignorance (and perhaps naivety thinking that a felon would never run for office).

As far as influencing popular opinion goes, you can bet the media would downplay it. Check that, they'd outright lie about it and re-write history (see: McCarthy, Joe; Hiss, Alger; Tet Offensive, the; well, that's a start, we could be here all night...).

Sebosmile said...

Did you ever look the felon bit up?

Now, THAT would be an interesting turn of events... Not that anything ever sticks to the Clintons, but still, a girl can hope, right?

The Monarchist said...

Nope, you know what I just plain slipped on that one. Off to read my pocket Constitution...