Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Big Challenge

I had a thought earlier today while sitting at the local township GOP meeting. It's a thought I've had before, and surely this is the Holy Spirit smacking me on the back of the head.

As we were being numbed into unconsciousness by the inane pontificating of our State Representative (name withheld to protect the guilty), I was again reminded that if I could have 10 or 15 Moms or Hargises, I could take over the state of Illinois. We're really men among boys (if you don't mind the gender-specific nature of that analogy, Mom).

At one point, the State Rep said that he thinks no one wakes up glad that other people don't have health insurance and we just need to be smart about finding ways to insure the uninsured. I was floored. Since when is health insurance a civil right? Why not life insurance? Car insurance?

Five words. Say 'em loud and proud with me:

Not yours to give, pal.

So here's my request. Call it a favor. If we're going to have any luck in stemming the tide of idiocy and socialism which seem to be marching hand-in-hand, we need to start finding other "Moms and Hargises." If you know some folks who seem to have their heads screwed on right, see if they might like what passes for original thought here. I even took a trip back to the old Patriot Post today to see if there's any thinking going on there. It appears that there indeed is some (although it's clearly not me - check out my gaffe in my subject line).

I'd have mentioned the Outlaw, too, but he seems to be MIA or something. Josey, if you're out there, drop me a "what's up" sometime.


Call Me Mom said...

Thanks for the compliment, AH. I'm not sure I'm up to being compared to Mr. Hargis. I may start blushing.

I have mentioned this blog to a few other folks and I hope they will have a look at it and post a comment or two soon.

The Monarchist said...

You've earned it, Mom.

Hopefully, we can reach out and find like-minded people in our neighborhoods and across America who'll sign on to changing the conversation and choosing representatives who get it.