Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy at VA Tech

I have nothing to add to the discussion other than this:

As the day's events unfolded, I anticipated that it wouldn't be long before the Left - here, the media - started chiming in on the tragedy and thinly suggesting that this might not have happened if we had gun control laws (much in the way there wouldn't be obesity if there were spoon control laws). And wouldn't you know it? I was right, much to my dismay. You can read the whole Reuters article here, but I'll copy the pertinent op-ed section from the article...

"More than 30,000 people die from gunshot wounds in the United States every year and there are more guns in private hands than in any other country. But a powerful gun lobby and support for gun ownership rights has largely thwarted attempts to tighten controls."

I think that might be a direct quote of Michael Moore.

And sadly, one of my co-workers blamed it on Republicans and their support of automatic weapons (yes, actually said that). Under other circumstances I might have argued, but seeing as how people died, I decided not to politicize a tragedy. But that's just me.

I will add this too: please pray for everyone affected by this horrible disaster. May the Loving Grace of the Lord assuage their grief.


Call Me Mom said...

My response to folks who say things like that is something along the lines of: "If every one of those students had been doing their duty as Americans and been armed and trained, just think how much lower the death toll would have been."

The Monarchist said...

Good response, Mom, that sounds a bit like Ann Coulter in her latest column. You are, perhaps, a tad more civil (OK, more than a tad, but I'm trying to be generous to Ann, she's my homegirl).


P.S. Ann goes into detail on the gun laws in D.C. in one of her books, and points out the idiocy of "Gun Free Zones" like the campus at VA Tech. Somehow, it is lost on liberals that the only people who obey gun laws are the ones who AREN'T GOING TO BREAK THE LAW IN THE FIRST PLACE.