Friday, April 27, 2007

The Incomparable Victor Davis Hanson

I'm a huge fan of VDH. From his last book, A War Like No Other, to his frequent guest appearances on the Hugh Hewitt show, Hanson routinely acquits himself as one of the truly clear thinkers out there.

So imagine my delight when I got my issue of Imprimis in the mail - the great speech digest of Hillsdale College - and Hanson is this month's speech. Check out the link to Imprimis above for Hanson's thoughts on the possibility of a nuclear Iran.


Call Me Mom said...

Wow, Nice link there A.H. I wish I could have heard the speech. My own views are strikingly similar as you know. Makes me feel less like Don Quixote to hear someone else say the same thing. Thanks.

Sebosmile said...

Loved this issue! (And my mom and I both get copies, so I get two to stash every month, in case I ever lose one of the really good ones.)

BTW, did I ever mention around here that I'm working full time so I can transfer to Hillsdale? I originally got accepted (two?) years ago, but the lovely fact that they don't accept federal funding (yay no tenure and no trans bisexual student centers!!)makes it harder to get scholarship money.

If it wasn't a private school, I would move across state lines in a minute for the (in public school situations) beauty of in state tuition.

Beautiful campus, great little red state America town with flags flying from front porches everywhere.

Since this comment is deteriorating into a total Hillsdale advert, which was NOT the intent of the posting, I'll stop now. ;)

The Monarchist said...

No way! I would have remembered that - good luck and may He favor your efforts.