Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Abject Stupidity

I've always wondered what goes on in the minds of "immigration rights" activists when they organize their marches for May 1. Could you pick a more offensive day? And while I'm asking rhetorical questions, what "immigration rights" are they fighting for again? I confess: I can't keep up with the constant word games of the Left.

The Tribune devoted a fair amount of bandwidth to the march today, which the police estimated at 150,000. Uh-huh. You know, there weren't constant reports of the city being shut down with all of these hard-working people taking the day off. I can only conclude that they're a little off on their estimate or the marchers might not be so hard-working.

Breathless reports abounded about how people just wanted to keep their hard-working Catholic parents from being deported. Did we mention that they are Catholic, just like you? Nice sentiment, I say. Here's a tip, absolutely free of charge: don't break the law. That's a start.

And while I'm giving out free tips, here's one for the conservatives: a winning ticket must include building a fence and enforcing our immigration laws. After that, if there are SOOO many jobs that "Americans won't do" as we so often hear, then (and only then) let's discuss matching people and jobs.

Oh, yes, and one more thing to the conservatives: would you kindly print out this tip using a large font and on colorful paper to get the attention of the GOP? Thanks.


Call Me Mom said...

*Cough* not catholic *cough*,
Now that I've cleared my throat, lol, may I add to the giant banner in colorful font for the GOP-
Give us a candidate that we can vote for with a clear conscience!
Thank you.

The Monarchist said...


LOL, I was making a funny, but I think you get it. The Tribune was making a point (again, and again) about bringing up the fact that so many people in the demonstrations were Catholic, certainly because of the large Irish, Polish and Italian communities in Chicago. "See, they're just like you" the Tribune is saying.

I second your request! Maybe we should start a write-in movement if we can't get someone decent like Fred Thompson...?


Daniel Webster said...

"I can only conclude that they're a little off on their estimate or the marchers might not be so hard-working."

Careful there, Hamilton, you haven't exhausted the options and someone may be watching. Lemme help ya out...

...they worked doubly hard the day before so's they could attend the march, don't ya know. ;)

"I can't think of a more useless goal for society than fairness."

Now that's a great quote!

Sebosmile said...

Gotta watch it on that "jobs Americans won't do" thing... Because this guy found one, lol! ;)