Friday, May 18, 2007

National Security

Here's one area where the goofy idolizing of Reagan actually makes some sense. For the record, I loved the guy. I grew up with him as my President. First thing I think of when someone says the word "President?" I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count. But all anyone ever talks about on talk radio is how conservatives are looking for the next Reagan. Please stop. He's not coming back, and while he was perfect for his time, time has marched on. Love the guy, cherish his memory, but let's not start walking around with the WWRD bracelets.

Since when did men stop being men? Here's a simple formula for success, courtesy of the Gipper: we win, they lose. But it has been said better than that...

"It is a principle incorporated into the settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute."

This from the "Father of the Constitution" James Madison.

A good conservative would never bow to threats and sabre rattling from some third-world loser. America is the most powerful nation on Earth. We are to be respected and, to a degree, feared.

All of which just makes me disappointed in two aspects of the Iraq War. First, the President is the Commander in Chief. Congress is not. Nor should the President have a "War Czar." The prosecution of the war is the domain of the Executive, and while a President cannot micro-manage a conflict, he can lay out the vision, delegate to his Generals, and speak directly to the American people to garner support (since little seems to be found in the Congress).

I've heard discussions about how bad the rules of engagement are in our conflict in Iraq, which is the other disappointment. If anyone has some first hand experience or stories of what our troops are going through, please share. It doesn't sound good, if half of what I've heard is true.


Daniel Webster said...

Wow! That first paragraph is a gem, my friend. The WWJD bracelet wearing was, for awhile, quite the fad wasn't it. I can't tell, however, that it accomplished much...if anything positive at all.

Mom bought me a nice framed portrait of Mr. Reagan for my birthday two or three years ago, because she knows how much I appreciate the character of the man. It's a treasured addition to my growing collection...of "Great American Patriots and Heros." (Somewhere in my little library here I have a book by that very title).

Considering the weaknesses exhibited by those Presidents preceding and following Mr. Reagan, my goodness, the brightness of the man shines as Arcturus (which legend says is the first star observed during the day) might compare to its eastern and western counterparts in BOOTES.

But idolize the man? No.

Call Me Mom said...

Here in the town where I live, a member of the local newspaper staff was called up to serve a while back. He was a veteran of desert storm also. He has been allowed to send back articles about the war on a somewhat regular basis. It ain't all beer and skittles, but it ain't the way the MSM portrays it either.

He often comments on the fact that the soldiers need the support of the American people to get the job done and the job IS getting done.

Samuel Adams said...

You remind me, sir, of that other Agent in the first Matrix film, "Perhaps we're asking the wrong questions."

I have also grown wearly of the rhetorical question. That's what's wrong with such questions, they aren't expecting any answers. What need's asked is WDJD? What DID Jesus do?

Enough with this "would" nonsense. This is Jesus we're talking about here, for Christ's sake. His isn't an incomplete example that, as some like to think of our "living Constitution," is up for debate.

It's fairly well spelled out for us if we only ask aright.

As for the brightness, Mr. Webster, methinks you were just looking for an opportunity to say "booties."

Mom, as you are able, please pass along our unspeakable thanks for his noble service.

The Monarchist said...

Hear, hear, Samuel!

And I second the gratitude.


Daniel Webster said...

"As for the brightness, Mr. Webster, methinks you were just looking for an opportunity to say "booties.""

"Booties?," so that's the correct pronunciation, eh.

What else do you expect from someone who thought not to qualify these "eastern and western counterparts" as appearing this way during certain seasons and times of observation?

Whoa!, I feel an analogy comin' on here. ;)

The Monarchist said...

By all means, lay it on us. You are the king of analogies, my friend!