Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey Look! *Sigh* Man, This is Getting Old


Ho-hum, more drivel from the cowards with the religion of peace.

Hey, Adam? Adam Pearlman? God, I hope you're googling your name regularly and somehow this pops up. Listen up: no matter how long that beard gets, no matter how much filth you peddle, you're always going to be that dorky Jewish kid who grew up on a goat farm. You might want to do the self-respecting thing and just kill yourself now.

You know the funny thing about this loser? When he gets caught - because he will, eventually - he's going to be treated with a hell of a lot more decency by the "baby killers" and "war criminals" that capture him than him and his people would treat one of ours.

How is this a religion again?


Call Me Mom said...

Mr. Hamilton,
For shame, descending to his level with petty insults, you are better than that.

That said, I shall proceed to pray that Mr. Pearlman remembers the God who was worshipped in his Jewish-Christian upbringing and comes to salvation through repentance and acknowledgement of Jesus Christ and his Finished work on the cross.
If he does read this, I would like him to ask his fellow Islamo-fascists exactly where they are going when they die if they happen to fall off a cliff while walking to the market instead of dying in Jihad.

I would also remind him that a truly loving God is willing to give him time to do the research and thus come to the truth. He does not require instant(and possibly feigned) conversion or death.

The Monarchist said...


This kid has obviously rejected the Truth, if he ever got it in his mish-mash namby-pamby upbringing. I've met some people who were raised in self-proclaimed "Jewish-Christian" homes (like that's the ultimate in worldly cosmopolitanism), and I know what that means: the parents never took the time to instill values in the kid, and by "Christian" that means they had a Christmas tree. Let junior find his own way! Sometimes these people end up being Buddhists or worshipping "Mother Earth." Or, apparently, part of a death cult.

Should I engage in name-calling? Nah, I suppose not. Maybe I was just channeling Annie. Speaking of which, I'm beginning to see the wisdom of the "invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" strategy.


Daniel Webster said...

Oh boy!...

Y'know, the ironic thing in that kind of an upbringing (and I'd say you're pretty well dead on accurate in that succinct assessment) is that in the approach: "let junior find his own way," these goofy parents are in actuality securing to junior his unfortunate destiny - the pathway of destruction and death. They are, in a manner of speaking, depriving junior of "finding his own way." But anyway...

Don't fret it Mom. Ol' Hamilton there is just blowing off a little steam. Perhaps in the same way that King David blew off a little steam...on occasion.

So, if I push one of 'em off a cliff, does that qualify as death in jihad since I'm their enemy? How does that work exactly?

The Monarchist said...

DW!! I say!

If you're planning on pushing any Jihadis off of a cliff, I would certainly appreciate the courtesy of a little advance warning. What's that old line about meeting one's maker - I'm just facilitating the meeting?

BTW, you might have just solved the entire problem of jihad, LOL.

He's right Mom, just a little steam is all.


Call Me Mom said...

"invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity"
I'd prefer to convert their leaders as well, but ...

It was meant as a gentle scolding only Mr. Hamilton. And only because I object to your encouraging someone to take upon themselves the prerogative of the Almighty by taking his own life.

I agree with you Mr. Webster, that this person's parent's have left him guideless as he wanders down the path of destruction. Having spent some time on my last visit home debating with my 17 year old nephew whether or not there are any moral absolutes followed (after the arrival of his friends) by a brisk discussion over whether or not all religions are equally valid, I find myself alarmed at rise of moral relativism in our time. (Of course we were in the "Berkeley of the Midwest", so what was I expecting?)

The Monarchist said...

Mom, I suppose I had it coming. Um, Madison, Wisconsin? Just a guess.


Call Me Mom said...

Give the man a cigar! Yes, born and raised there. It's a lovely city, unless you want to voice an other than PC opinion.

The Monarchist said...

Hurray for me! Although that wasn't really that hard, I suppose, if you're from around these parts.

Can it be a chocolate cigar? Never smoked anything in my whole life and I'm not about to start now. ;)