Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!

To our dear friend Mr. Adams! Samuel, you're looking as good as ever. May the "Spirit of '76" keep you forever youthful!

Mr. Adams pointed out to me that yesterday was Law Day in these United States. Can't say I ever recall hearing that, so you do, in fact, learn something new every day.


Call Me Mom said...

Belated felicitous wishes for the day Mr. Adams

Samuel Adams said...

Why, thank you kindly! I've honestly lost track of the years. Seriously. What does an old an old man like me want for his birthday? Another, of course. What? No! Not another old man! Me genoito! Why, another birthday, to be sure.

The Monarchist said...


It appears in your absence you've been saving up the witticisims. Good show.