Sunday, December 30, 2007

AFB Housecleaning

You'll see some changes to the blog if you're paying attention. First, the blogroll is now properly called a "blogroll." So, these are just some good blogs, listed alphabetically, no longer noted as "recommended" lest I somehow open myself up to some sort of liability. More changes will be happening with that, I think I have more to add. I might also do away with the labels section. I can't say that I know if that's useful for searching for anyone other than the contributors to the blog... so speak up if you've got an opinion on that.

Second, hopefully I'll be unveiling some new content through a, let's say, side project.

Lastly, and if you hadn't known by now, my new title is going to be "King (or Monarch of Some Title) of Side Projects." In addition to the project just mentioned above, there's yet another one. BTW, I always hated when I'd hear that musicians would be working on side projects. Why not stick to your main group, I'd wonder. So here I am, diverting my time and energy even more. What can I say? I'm a man of many interests, even if not a whole lot of time. Curious? Well, check out the blogroll!


On Lawn said...

Labels are a mixed bag.

In some ways you can simply search for a label, and find all the related topics. It would be a more intelligent way to organize, like with any other say of organization, if we were more diligent with it. Sometimes after writing a post, I am at a loss for labels to put. And sometimes we have multiple labels for what most people would call the same thing.

But we find labels useful. For instance many of our contributors have "Other posts by ... " labels to help people who want to read more by a particular author. As most of them are much better writers than me, I think that is useful.

Those are just my two cents.

Michael Tams said...


Yeah, I wish there was a way to edit the labels other than going into the posts one at a time, but I think that's it.

Great blog, btw, I'm going to go back later and read more. Thanks for stopping by and for linking us up in a couple of posts. I've got a feeling given your subject matter we'll probably be doing the same here.


sharon said...

thanks for the link....

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