Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oklahoma Video

Here's a video detailing more on the Paul Jacob indictment in Oklahoma.


Terry Morris said...

Mike, thanks for posting this video. These indictments were not big news here in Oklahoma, at least not that I knew of. Of course, I'm not a big news watcher. It's that pervasive influence of liberalism deal, ya know.

Our illustrious AG Drew Edmondson finds his job very appealing precisely because he can effect determinations with no accountability to anyone. We might just have to do a little som'in' som'in' about that, don't ya know. I'll see if I can't get that on the to-do list. But that he used this as his cover for not entering the U.S. Senate race is laughable. Truth is he couldn't win a bid for the Senate in Oklahoma. We don't send liberal democrats to the U.S. Senate down here. The last one that tried it, Congressman Brad Carson, got hammered big time.


Michael Tams said...


Thanks for the comments. Morris for AG? That sounds like something that could solve some problems down there...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link.....

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