Thursday, December 06, 2007

Webster's On a Roll

Please go to Webster's blog and check out this post.

In fact, the most recent 2-3 posts are all very good. Looks like our friend Terry has been chomping at the bit to get these up.

I also noticed that one of his featured posts is my interview with Dr. Kevin Gutzman; thanks for the link-up, Terry.


Terry Morris said...

Mike, you're very welcome for the link up to your interview with Dr. Gutzman. That post is destined to go under a more permanent linkup over at Webster's -- Select AFB Articles -- I'm sure.

And thanks for linking to that entry on CAIR's mission. On re-reading it I should have concluded the post by saying that the success or failure of CAIR's mission all depends on Americans, but anyhow...

Do you have any thoughts on Romney's faith speech? I must admit I'm a bit more skeptical on having read the speech than some seem to be on having watched it.

I did catch a few clips of the speech very late last night (or, very early this morning) after reading it which did not impress me much. But I wonder whether seeing Romney's speech rather than reading it then seeing clips of the speech later might have given me a more favorable attitude toward the speech? It's an interesting thought, don't ya think?


Michael Tams said...


I do, and I'll be posting on it at my personal page, most likely.


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