Sunday, July 08, 2007

And in other news...

I remember reading Ann Coulter one time and she made the point that the only people who are ever surprised are liberals. It's as if every morning they wake up and they've completely forgotten everything that happened before. This is why you'll notice liberals in shock, SHOCK, I tell you, when something predictable happens.

So I had to laugh when I read this article from the Associated Press. No, when a politician tells you something, you can count on it!

Look, only a liberal or an AP reporter wouldn't understand that the 2008 election is wide-open, and that when Hagel says he won't run as an independent, it just means "in the next 48 hours."

And what the deuce is a "power projector" anyway?

Oh, yeah, and in other news... the Iranians say that their nuclear program is simply for energy. Isn't that great news??


Call Me Mom said...

Why Mr. Tams, didn't you read the article? Power projectors are:
"almost isolationist insulationists" - lol

Call Me Mom said...

And here's an article you may want to check out for the latest from the "religion of peace"

Good thing Iran's nuclear program is only for energy.

Edmund Schrag said...

Professor Frink: Why, the death ray has only evil applications ... flavin!

Abe Simpson: My hand feels warm.