Monday, July 09, 2007

The Patriot's Handbook

I often find myself telling the same story over and over. Perhaps it's an occupational hazard (sales), or perhaps it's "dependent-induced acute onset forgetfulness" (aka parent-brain). Before you go and roll your eyes, that happens to be an ADA-recognized condition.

OK, it's not, but you could imagine that it might be, right?

Anyway, have I mentioned before that my dear and wonderful Bride found me a copy of The Patriot's Handbook by George Grant?

Well, she did. And I had the true delight of reading a sermon delivered by Samuel West entitled On The Right To Rebel.

Well, my Countrymen (and -women), lend me your ears (or, eyes) and I'll share a little of this wisdom, 1776-style...

...the same principles which oblige us to submit to government do equally oblige us to resist tyranny..."

Oh, and here's a good one for the Libertarians:

The law of Nature gives men no right to do anything that is immoral, or contrary to the will of God, and injurious to their fellow creatures..."

And here's one for the tyrants (you know who you are):

As magistrates have no authority but what they derive from the people, whenever they act contrary to the public good, and pursue measures destructive of the peace and safety of the community, they forfeit their right to govern the people."

And later, more along the same lines:

...for it would imply a gross absurdity to assert that, when magistrates are ordained by the people solely for the purpose of being beneficial to the state, they must be obeyed when they are seeking to ruin and destroy it. This would imply that men were bound to act against the great law of self-preservation, and to contribute their assistance to their own ruin and destruction, in order that they may please and gratify the greatest monsters in nature, who are violating the laws of God and destroying the rights of mankind."

And there is much, much more where this came from. When I was reading this - incidentally, right around the time of the Senate's and President's attempted sell-out of America - you can imagine the frightening, terrible, and wonderful thoughts I was having about the nature of the American Revolution.

See, and I think I have said it before, I don't think the Revolution has ended. I think there's times where it lessens in intensity, and other times when it increases in intensity. Heck, there's times where it takes steps forward and times when it takes steps backward.

And, God willing, the Great Experiment will once again - soon - take a big leap forward.

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Terry Morris said...

That's a great book, and a great collection. As I related, I have a copy of it in my little home library. Most, if not all of the contents of that volume I also have in larger volumes which actually contain some of the more original sources from whence the principles are derived.

A very good reference source, though.