Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Feature

Check out the new feature on the side of the blog. This should point newcomers in the right direction (I hope). The last thing I want to do, after all, is confuse a visitor. For the life of me, I can't recall where I saw this feature, but it was such a good idea I couldn't let it go. TM, might it have been that fellow at the Brave New World? I'm too tired to check right now, LOL.


John Savage said...

Actually, I myself stole this feature from Oz Conservative, so I should give him credit. That's just how it goes in the blogosphere, though. It's a good idea. It keeps your readers from taking a post out of context when they comment.

Michael Tams said...

Well there you have it! Many thanks to you both.


Edmund Schrag said...

Thanks, Mike! I'm sure this will be quite helpful to ... someone nearby.

Michael Tams said...

Indeed, and untold others who find us as well...!