Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mapping Responses to Inhofe's Petition

Inhofe Praises Defeat of Senate Amnesty Bill

June 28th, 2007

Senator Cites Support for ‘Secure Borders Now’ Petition as Evidence of American Public’s Outrage with Senate Leadership’s Failed Immigration Policy.

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), sponsor of the ‘Secure Borders Now’ petition, today lauded the defeat of the 2007 Immigration Reform Bill (S.1639) after a fourth cloture vote failed by a margin of 53-46:

Today’s defeat of the Senate Immigration Bill is a victory for the American people, the integrity of our borders and the rule of law. For the past several weeks, a small cadre of Senators have manipulated the traditional legislative processes, strangled debate, and prevented the introduction of worthwhile amendments. In doing so, they turned a deaf ear to the will of the American people and the overwhelming sentiment of their constituents.

“I created the ‘Secure Borders Now’ petition as a way for voters all across our great nation to register their opposition to this disaster legislation. Thankfully, Americans of all stripes weighed in on this issue, influencing Congressional opinions and helping to once again defeat this bill.

“Despite its proponents’ claims to the contrary, the Senate Immigration Bill was fatally flawed from day one. Since its inception, this legislation has failed to address the key issues of concern for almost all Americans: the enhancement of border security and the enforcement of current immigration laws.

“From the beginning of this debate, I have stated that I would vehemently oppose any immigration legislation that guarantees amnesty for illegal immigrants, unfairly burdens taxpayers or fails to secure our borders. In the wake of this latest vote against amnesty, I sincerely hope the Senate will now turn its attention and efforts toward meaningful immigration reform. It is clear that in the future we must deal with the issue of illegal immigration by focusing first on securing our borders - without a path to amnesty.

“I want to offer my sincere thanks to all those who stood firm for increased border security and against amnesty. Today, your voices were heard and a Senate long deaf to the will of the American people on this issue, responded as directed by its constituents.

Senator Inhofe’s ‘Secure Borders Now’ petition has received over 85,000 signatures since its inception. Voters from all fifty states signed the petition urging Senators to “vote against the immigration reform bill currently being considered in the Senate and to oppose any future effort that undermines our national security or grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.”
Copies of petition signatures from each state were provided to their respective Senators.

Senator Inhofe has pledged to provide the same information to member of the House of Representatives, when that chamber begins debate on immigration reform later this year.

To sign the petition, view the map of signatures, or join the discussion on the ‘Secure Borders Now’ blog, please visit http://www.securebordersnow.com/.


Michael Tams said...


Great map! I'm reminded of that giant red map we saw subsequent to the 2000 and 2004 elections.

I'd be willing to trade both of my Senators for one of yours. What do you say, is that a deal or what? ;)


Terry Morris said...

I should say that I tried to find Inhofe's statement the day that the Amnesty bill was defeated by the People, but I was unsuccessful. I was later led to this map by the OK GOP, from whom I receive emails from time to time.

But on the question of whether I'd be willing, as you are, to trade both my Senators for one of yours, the answer is an emphatic NO! I'm afraid you might have to throw in some territory, and/or some bucks, and...well, I'd have to think more on it. ;)


Edmund Schrag said...

What's up with New England in that map??? Presidents Adams must be positively turning.

Anonymous said...

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