Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And a fine "Mahoc" to you all!

Having just now finished a reading of all of the previous posts, I find my present attempt certain to fall short of the high bar which by my friend the good Mr. Hamilton has set for me. Nevertheless, as I am wont to do, I follow the advice of one Master Yoda and do.

Thank you, benevolent Monarchist, sir, for that kind welcome. This day comes to me with great thanksgiving to its Giver and unspeakable joy as I join him in taking this step unmatched even by Col. Armstrong himself a quarter of a billion miles away and thirty-seven years ago. A close friend of mine celebrates his birthday, and now--only by the Grace of Providence, blessed be The Name!--on the same day, no less--I have found it His Pleasure to begin this chapter of our cause, Mr. Hamilton. I am almost brought to a cessation of words, thus are my emotions at this time. However, as The Monarchist can probably tell you himself, it can be quite a task to silence this writer (how much more so to get him to speak up!).

In other words, don't get me started!

A brief self-introduction is in order, I suppose. You may call me Samuel Adams. This is my first post here, so I am not sure how this name will appear, what with numbers or what have you. I hail from parts unknown to a similarly-nomenclatured brewer and Patriot of old, yet I find I share much of his love for his country, if not a modicum of his willingness to lay it all down for The Cause. Yes, you will hear me refer to that thing often. What that thing is, others will much more eloquently and prolifically expound. At this time, simply know that it is American Federalism, simply the most glorious "political" manifestation of Natural Rights humanity has managed to produce. Please do not expect me to post quite as voluminously as my colleagues, for I tend to speak only when I find the inspiration and EXACTLY the right words. All in due course, my countrymen, all in due course. If you aren't used to it, then you will have to pardon me in advance, for I am wont to wax all 18th-Century on you, with accidental 19th-Century etymologies for added flavor. Perhaps this is due to an overcompensation for my earlier ... public education. I guess Providence is in the lemonaide business.

At any rate, I find I have come to an end in my thoughts at this present time. Again, my profuse thanks to you, Mr. Hamilton for paving this way for us on our journey. May He Who guides our steps richly bless those who help to light the way.


P.S. An additional note, in case you all are wondering, the title of this post is indeed a Simpson's reference. I leave it to you or my brothers in spirit to discern specifically what it may be. I assure you, the search will be worth your while!

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