Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Few Thoughts on the American People

From time to time, this space will address some of the more pressing, and likely controversial, issues facing the Republic. Of course, dear reader, it will also address some, well, not-so-pressing issues. Before going much further, I'd like to take a moment and say a few words about the character of America and Her people.

You can call it our national DNA. Or, our philosophical heritage. Call it whatever you want. What I call it is the discernment, and genius, of the American people. Throughout our history, brief as it may be among the storied civilizations that have passed from this world yet at every critical juncture, the American people have always chosen the wisest course. Too discerning to be fooled and too principled to do anything but what is right, Her people have always pondered, reflected, and paused; yet, when the time for action arrives, Her people are just as decisive, steadfast and resolute as any people, anywhere in the world, throughout history.

I pause for this reflection as future blog entries will begin to tackle some meaningful issues and topics essential to the renewal of this Republic. A detractor, or maybe just a cynic, will read these papers and wrongly conclude that we have a pessimistic view of Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth. If a label must be applied, I consider myself a realist as I always try to see the world as it is, and not as I wish it to be.

In future posts, this space will address and refute some misconceptions and just plain wrong ideas commonly held among the population. I am sublimely confident that such misconceptions take hold in the minds of the citizenry for innocent enough reasons, and that once addressed, people of reason will cast aside their former misconceptions and embrace reality, however difficult adopting such a new - as well as right and proper - outlook may seem.

In short, I believe in the exceptionalism of America and Her people. It is for this reason that this blog exists: to remind us of what makes us great; to cast aside that which sullies our reputation; and to affirmatively do those things necessary for the renewal of this Republic.

Confidently, I speak for my brothers in this effort; yet they may have thoughts of their own to add to this. Assure that the blessings of Providence guide us, I remain,

A. Hamilton aka The Monarchist


Samuel Adams said...

Indeed, Mr. Hamilton, you possess a kindred spirit like unto His Excellency himself and that of his successor, a fellow monarchist! May such a realistic view keep us in both caution and courage.


The Monarchist said...

No; I cannot accept that. Samuel, your comment is more than I deserve! And yet, if He wills it, may I spend my remaining days here earning the company of my name - and you, my brothers, as well - in the same sentence as those two giants.

Daniel Webster said...

I suppose we could all spend the remainder of our days trying to earn our place among the ranks of such giants, and never attain it. But I should think it'll be well worth the effort in any case.