Sunday, May 07, 2006

Porter Goss

As everyone knows, Porter Goss resigned rather unexpectedly from the CIA on Friday afternoon. Given that this is the CIA we're talking about, we'll probably never know the circumstances surrounding this. The cynic in me - or is it the realist? - wonders if Goss concluded that things were too messed up to begin any sort of real reformation at the Agency.

If that's the case, I'm concerned about what that means for reform in any governmental body (like I need another reason). Of course, it could simply be that he was part of the re-shuffling that has been going on in Washington... which is a whole other topic entirely.


Samuel Adams said...

Always one step ahead (if not more), TM. Wow, why does that set of initials sound familiar? Ah, I digress ;)

You are obviously focussed on the task at hand, and that is both important and admiable. What I found curious (but not so much in a bad way) is the proximity to the reassignment by Great Britain's Tony Blair of one or two of his key officers.

Today's Hypothetical Question of the Day (HypoQuOD?): "Why is it considered a wise changing of the guard to keep fresh blood in the ranks of the administration when a Democrat chief executive replaces department heads or cabinet officials, but it is considered a move of desperation or a rolling of heads when it happens in a GOP administration (or in some foreign administration alligned with the USAGOP)?"

zelduh said...

Perhaps there is a different reason:

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