Sunday, May 21, 2006

Madness in the Senate

I was just listening to Mike Reagan's show, and it sounds like our Senators are out of their minds. Or, well, perhaps, dear reader, this is just more proof of something you already knew.

So it seems that yesterday the Senate voted on legislation - that passed - that would provide social security to illegal aliens. Let me say that again: social security. For illegal aliens. Something like eight RINOs voted along with their ideological kin in the Democrat party to pass this... abominable... piece of legislation.

I'll probably have more to say on the matter, but it seems to me that the parties are more and more becoming indistinguishable from each other.

A. Hamilton aka The Monarchist


Call Me Mom said...

I am appalled. I think my answer to some of the survey questions about pending legislation from my local state senator's office last Sept. are pertinent.
This is part of my reply to his survey:

"I have just finished your survey and I am confused. Is there support for allowing illegal aliens to have the things mentioned in your survey? How is this possible? If someone is identified as an illegal alien, then shouldn't they be deported? Why in the world would anyone support allowing illegal aliens to have in-state tuition or state held mortgages? Wouldn't that require state and local officials to break the law? Am I missing some bit of logic here?
While I understand that occasionally there are unforeseen circumstances to moving one's family to a foreign country, I think our system has provisions to deal with those occasions on an individual basis. If someone has not bothered to go through the proper channels, why should I be penalized for it by having higher taxes to provide services and perks to people who are breaking the law that I am not entitled to? Or by increasing the difficulty of getting my child into the UW-system? "

My apologies for the length of my comment.

The Monarchist said...

Mom, first, no apologies necessary. Take as much space as you'd like - we've got all the space in the world!

Secondly, amen to that! I have lately been quite surprised at the degree to which people (many of them in Congress) are out of touch with the common sense/conservative sentiment (I'm of the opinion more and more that the two terms are interchangable).

Whereas I have felt perhaps in the past that my dissonance was just me, I'm finding validation - daily - from the most unlikely sources.